Inge Kleijn was born in the Netherlands. To be precise, in Brabant there she grew up and she still lives there. Why is she so special? Her love for German Schlager. That’s one of the reasons she recorders her own single in January 2018. The title of this beautiful song is “Für Die Ewigkeit”.
Her live performing is a great show. A lot of people are always surprised because of Inge Kleijn her voice. She is an exact sound-alike of Helene Fischer. Helene is her biggest example on stage…that’s why Inge takes her act very seriously.
Everything has to be perfect. Light, sound and as far as possible also the costumes. The show is always 100% live.
Hopefully, you have already had the opportunity to meet her. If not she will be happy to see you at one of her upcoming performances to give you the ‘Helene Fischer experience’

From the 30 to 45 minutes show block you get all the hits from Helene Fischer. It’s a great show and technically perfect. That’s why she is the official ‘Helene Fischer Double’ in the Netherlands.

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